1500 Word Research Paper

Objective:​ using Critical Thinking and interdisciplinary research skills, identify a social issue you feel strongly about, be specific, for example, ​treatment of grocery workers in the front line of the coronavirus epidemic(​ you can not use this example), and relate it to the broader context of the research method you have learned in the class to make recommendations for change.

Guidelines: ​Identify an underlying social issue you feel strongly about, would like to research, and recommend changes. Conduct research on the issue ​using 3 disciplines we’ve discussed in class.​ Use a ​minimum of three articles from peer-reviewed journals , two books, and unlimited reputable newspapers ​(NYTimes, Wall Street Journal) but think about currency, reliability, authority, bias/point of view ​of your sources, as well as primary sources. When using disciplinary research, ​you must identify the discipline within the paper.

The report should comprise 1500 words, be typed, Times New Roman (12pt for text body; 14pt for headings), 1-inch margins, double-spaced with In-text citations and works cited (Reference page) page in MLA or APA style. Don’t forget to include the date, your full name, ID, and the paper’s title.

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