For this assignment, you will develop a fictionalized dialogue of two people in a relationship who are exhibiting relationship, cognitive, health, or other problems that appear related to stress or a reaction to a stressful event. In your dialogue, you need to ensure that one of the parties introduces some possibilities as to how or why these symptoms have developed. Complete the dialogue with some recommendations by one party to the other.
Begin by indicating the two participants in the dialogue and their relationship. Following is an example. You can use it to start your dialogue or you can develop one completely on your own. In any case, make certain the dialogue is about stress and that one party provides some possible solutions for the other party.
Dee and Joanna are sisters who are both in high school. Dee is at the end of her freshman year and Joanna is just about to graduate.
Dee: I’ve been wanting to talk to you about what’s bothering me for a long time now, but you have been so busy.
Joanna: What’s up?
Dee: Remember how happy I was back in middle school? I thought it would be even better when I moved up to Perris High at the start of my freshman year. But it isn’t, and I’m finding myself really unhappy now.
Joanna: What changed?
Dee: I guess I no longer feel comfortable with the group of friends I’ve had since elementary school.
Joanna: What other things have changed?
Dee: I used to be able to study for hours at a time. Now, I lose focus after a very short time. I’ve also put on some weight.
Assuming in your dialogue that Dee is experiencing stress, Joanna as her older sister wants to help her. How does Joanna go about pinpointing the issues and what recommendations can she make? That should be included in your dialogue.
Length: 2-3 pages
Your dialogue should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect graduate-level writing and APA standards. Be sure to adhere to University’s Academic Integrity Policy.
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