3 Slide Power Point And 2 DQ’s Due Sunday At 8pm

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (assessment instrument)

Create a 3-slide presentation with speaker notes of an in-depth examination of your selected test THE SELECTED TEST IS 

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (assessment instrument)

 and its uses. Include the following in your presentation:

· A list of psychometric properties of the test for the particular population

· A discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of assessment methods used


Mark Oliphant

1.) How are assessments used in the workplace? How can assessments be misused in the work?

Personality is an individual’s unique constellation of psychological traits that is relatively stable over time. Personality assessment measures and evaluate the psychological traits, states, values, interests, attitudes, worldview, acculturation sense of humor, cognitive and behavioral styles, and/or related individual characteristics. Usually when we look for jobs we tend t look for something that s similar or something that we like to do.So when employers want to assess their workers they base things according to their work criteria.The relationship between personality and work performance go hand in hand. When employers want to measure work performance they look at different aspects of personality, and the greater relevance for different occupations. When studying work performance they look at 5 big traits, such as conscientiousness scores correlated with good work performance, neuroticism scores correlate with poor work performance, extraversion positively correlate good work performance extraverted individual motivated to achieve status, openness tough-mindedness agreeableness independence and accommodation.


Cohen, R. J., Swerdlik, M. E., & Sturman, E. D. (2018). Psychological testing and assessment: An introduction to tests and measurement (9th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill


Dana Salas

2.) The MMPI test is a psychological measure used to indicate certain characteristics present in individuals [psychopathology and personality. This assessment is used when professionals suspect an individual with a mental health illness or other type of clinical concern. This test is administered in a questionnaire consisting of 5667 questions. These answers are submitted in true/false format. An even newer publication of this test contains only 338 items (Price, 2017). This test is estimated to take about an hour to complete. A slightly varying format of this test has also been published to adhere to the adolescent population. The NEO test, however, is a personality inventory that measure specific personality traits. These five personality traits include agreeableness, neuroticism, extraversion, conscientiousness, and openness to experience. Sometimes also referred to as facets, these five personality traits are known by researchers as “the big five.” This test was originally publicized in 1978. The MPI, on the other hand, was published in 1943. There are two version of the NEO inventory, one consists of only 60 items whereas the longer version consists of 240 items (Furr, 2018). 


Furr, R. (2018). Psychometrics : an introduction. Thousand Oaks, California: SAGE Publications, Inc.

Price, L. (2017). Psychometric methods : theory into practice. New York: The Guilford Press.

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