Rubric: 1)- Power point; 2) Write 1 page of talking paper .

Congratulations on joining the hacktivist group The Wide Awake Know Nothings (WAKN). Here at WAKN, our goal is to let the world know that people’s right to free Internet access is being infringed upon by every nation on this planet. This offense must stop right now. Your goal to help WAKN get the message to the world is to find a target and build a misinformation profile on that target that our hacking team can inject onto that targets website. We recommend you read Manipulation Through Mass Media (http://www.slideshare.net/iulia_bilbie/manipulatio…) and use the ideas discussed in this paper as a guide to building your misinformation campaign.

Pick a real person, group, business, entity, religious faction, nation, or organization and build a PowerPoint brief discussing how you would go about discrediting your selection. Keep in mind WAKN has access to underground newspapers, public TV, and of course the Internet. Include a 1-page talking paper* with information from your briefing and on the target and the processes you will use to discredit them. Your brief must be convincing, avoid generic blasts such as, “OSHA is horrible because of all their regulations.” This just does not fit with the process of discrediting through misinformation.

This assignment is worth 50 points total, based on content, analytical thought applied, and proper use of formatting, spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Submit both your PowerPoint and talking paper using the link above.

*This page provides an example of a Talking Paper: http://www.airforcewriter.com/talking-paper.htm.

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