A minimum of 100 words each and References Response (#1 – 6) KEEP RESPONSE WITH ANSWER EACH ANSWER NEED TO HAVE A SCHOLARY SOURCE with a Hyperlink

Make sure the Responses includes the Following: (a) an understanding of the weekly content as supported by a scholarly resource, (b) the provision of a probing question. (c) stay on topic

1. Being a Christian, I have always had the approach to service as a sense of imitation. While I know that I will never be able to compare to Jesus and the way he lived his life, I try to imitate him as best I can through his teachings and modeling. I did find it interesting that Islamic culture is similar in that they believe in, not modeling after, but serving Allah. As you stated, in serving Allah, they are able to serve others. These approaches while still different are very similar. That being said, I think that based on Greanleaf’s model, Jesus shows the way more and develops his people in a more efficient way. Do you think that by having people serve you, as in the Islamic culture, is the epitome of servant leadership?

2.  I like your statement on the leadership practices of Judaism.  I think this is one of the smartest ways to lead.  Having one mind and one way to think and lead is tough, simply because there are so many diversities to deal with.  This makes me think of the presidency.  So many issues in each state and across the entire country make it almost impossible for one person to make all the decisions.  This doesn’t even include the issues around the world.  Maybe a Judaism approach to U.S. leadership would work a bit better for us.

3. after learning about the others religion and learning the similarities and differences had anyone made you want to convert or do you practice anyone other tahn christianity? Just asking .

4. the author believes that Servant Leadership is a “valid and viable leadership approach “ for all cultures. What does the author mean and do you agree with him?

5. The two variables that I choose that is impedes leadership, is the Latin American culture perspective on servant leadership. One of the variables is how a servant leader should be and what kind of qualities are desirable in Panama. As well as the confusion between the word “servant” and “slave”,which keep leaders from adopting the practice of being a servant leader. Another variable is the “higher-power”, which Peruvians wanted new leadership and tired of the Authoritarian form of leadership. This only grew conflict in areas whether or not servant leadership should be allowed. If I was established in area I would try to break down barriers by implementing programs to bring awareness in the workplace. I would also get to know the culture a little bit more so I can try to be a better leader for them, so they can have some examples they can take away from.

6. The one specific cultural perspective I have chosen is the Asian Perspective because the two culturally specific variables that will impeded servant leadership are individualism and power distance. I have chosen these two variables with the Asian culture because it seems to lack great service and authentic spirituality authority when it comes to the biblical sense. For example, South Korea thinks that the biblical servant leadership is considered weak, but little do they know that Jesus Christ is a great example of being a great servant leader and that needs to be known to bring people together (Spears, 2010). In Asia, if researchers and practitioners need to pay more attention to those who think weakness is associated with servant-oriented practice, then they need to implement the biblical sense to understand what it takes to be a great servant leader for their community.

If I were to be transferred over to Asia, they have implemented more of the biblical model of servant leadership because if the Asian perspective is more focused on the business, government, and educational side, they are most likely preparing them to the life they have to handle if they were to move to North America. So, they have demonstrated and researched what it takes to live somewhere else and implementing as their own.

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