Addiction studies (Graduate Student)

This assignment is a 6 – 8 page questionnaire regarding addiction, due June 19, 2021, APA format. I am offering $10 per page + $20 for a literature review (total no more than $100…that is my FINAL OFFER). Please DO NOT accept this task if you can not complete it within the time frame allotted.  Please keep in mind as you complete this assignment please answer the questions provided with as much detail as possible, to reflect the requirements and focus of the subject at hand.  I provided a few PowerPoints that can be used, but feel free to use any articles that you find.  PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THE LITERATURE REVIEW.1. Research and Reflection PaperStudents are required to answer each question listed in the outline below in paragraph form. Suggested length 4-6 pages for Undergraduate students and 6-8 pages for Graduate students (12-point font, double spaced).1. Discuss why understanding the history and scope of substance abuse and addiction is important?2. Discuss the term Biopsychosocial-spiritual in terms of assessing and treating those suffering with addiction.3. Select three commonly used drugs and discuss how they are used and their dangers and complications to treatment.4. Discuss the Stages of Change and why this model is used within the addiction field and how it can be applied in other disciplines.5. Describe the clinical difference between a mild substance use disorder and a severe substance use disorder and explain the treatment implications.6. Discuss the key concepts of support groups and how would you incorporate it into treatment plan.7. Select one treatment approach designed to address issues related to substance abuse and addiction and discuss its efficacy (pros and cons).8. Discuss the idea of “Appropriate level of care” and its importance to treatment outcomes.*Italicized questions (9-11) apply to Graduate Student only.9. Discuss the concept of “Prevention” in substance abuse treatment in terms of target population and outcomes.10. Discuss the importance of a “Comprehensive Assessment” in substance abuse treatment.11. Complete a literature review regarding current trends in addictions treatment relating to the knowledge base of substance abuse and treatment.

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