Advance Nursing Research (EBP Project Proposal Draft)

The Details of Your Evidence-Based Practice Project (EBP).

This week, you will be writing your EBP project proposal. You will have received feedback from your instructor in Week 4 about your research question (see attachment for Research question), so please use those suggestions for the EBP project proposal draft that you will submit this week.

In a Word document, please compose the following as it relates to your research question:

Note: See attachment document with my Research question. (The one you did for me two weeks ago)

1. Research Topic

2. Research Problem

3. Research Purpose

4. Research Objectives/Aims

5. Research Question(s)

6. Research Hypothesises*

7. Select Theoretical Framework: write a brief summary about the theoretical framework and why it is relevant to your research topic. (We will return to writing about this in more detail in upcoming weeks.)

*Numbers 1 through 6 should be complete sentences/paragraphs with references as appropriate.

Please remember that you will be building on this proposal throughout the course.

The proposal drafts provide an opportunity to obtain valuable feedback and guidance from your instructor.

Research question you did for me 2 weeks ago for you to use as a reference.




Advance Nursing Research

Week 4 Assignment # 2

January 29th, 2020

Mental Health

Mental health is crucial in every stage of life. It is defined as the state of psychological well-being whereby the individual realizes a satisfactory integration instinctual drive acceptable to both oneself and his or her social setting (Ritchie & Roser, 2018). The status of mental health influences physical health, relationships, and most importantly day-to-day life. Mental health problems arise when there is a disruption in mental well-being.

The risk factors to mental health problems are not limited and therefore everyone is entitled to the problem irrespective of gender, economic status, and ethnic group. For example, data shows that in America one out of five individuals experience mental health problems annually, with mental disorders being recognized as the leading cause of disability not only in the United States but also globally (Ritchie & Roser, 2018). Mental health disorders are seen to be complex and of many forms such as anxiety, mood, and schizophrenia, among others.

Data shows that in 2017 about seven hundred and ninety-two million people lived with a mental disorder. Challenges have been identified with data presentation since mental health disorders are under-reported worldwide (Ritchie & Roser, 2018). World health organization data shows that mental health disorders are not only determined by one’s ability to manage their thoughts, behavior and interaction with others but also economic, environmental and social factors. For example, the on-going global financial crisis creates a macroeconomic phenomenon that provides a significant opportunity for mental health consequences with an increased rate of suicide and harmful substance use.

Most research studies have shown that there exist many gaps in relation to mental health problems. The gap ranges from treatment interventions and effective use of the available tools to reduce the issues of mental health. For example, there exists a research gap on the interventions meant to reduce and eradicate stigma which has been recognized as a determinant of mental health problems and this spiked my interest.

Therefore, in order to fill this gap such question as a) What is the association between stigma towards mental health patients and help-seeking? b) To what extent does stigma constitute a barrier to the search for help among mental health patients? And c) Are there populations that are more deterred from seeking help due to stigma? Have to be answered through research to get the intended purpose.


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