Alzheimer’s disease Project

HNUR 2913 Leadership & Management Skills
Alzheimer’s disease Project
You are educating a family on what to expect from, and how to take care of, their newly diagnosed family member battling Alzheimer’s disease.
Please educate the family on the specific topics:

Content Point Value Points Earned
The disease process (stages) 15
How to react to behavior outburst 10
At least 5 Common Medications and Education involved 20
What to say, what not to say 10
How to handle situations (bathing, dressing, feeding) 10
The terminal nature of the illness 10
How to connect with a client that has been diagnosed 15
APA format (minimum of 3 references/in-text citations, cover page, reference page) 5
Professional Writing Style (spelling, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation; ideas expressed clearly and concisely, appropriate vocabulary) 5
Total 100

· Assignment worth 100 points (10% of your grade)
· Limit paper to 2-3 pages (excluding cover and reference page)
· Use appropriate Level Headings (APA format)
· Cite references appropriately throughout paper and in reference list. Credit your sources appropriately by paraphrasing and/or using quotations.
· Completed paper submitted on canvas under designated submission areaRefer to the following website for assistance with APA format:

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