Analyse the interaction between cognitive abilities and disabilities,

Analyse the interaction between cognitive abilities and disabilities,

Analyse the interaction between cognitive abilities and disabilities,Demonstrate detailed knowledge of how mental and physical health interacts in a social context across the lifespan drawing upon evidence to support understanding.
2. Analyse the interaction between cognitive abilities and disabilities, mental health and physical well–being.
3. Identify and adopt a user and carer focussed approach to understanding and relieving psychological and physical distress.
4. Analyse a range of interventions and evidence to inform a choice of strategies for managing effective, holistic delivery of care, taking account of ethical issues associated with care.
5. Evaluate the benefits and challenges of interdisciplinary and interagency working.

Assessment Task: not an essay as such but a –
• A Written plan of holistic care required for Stacey and her parents from a nurses point of view ( “I”, “one self “) ( to include references) 1500 words ( 3-5 minutes worth when read out) ( Stacey’s’ situation/scenario below)
• An additional 500 word analysis of the evidence which supports one of the interventions mentioned in the written plan and a full reference list to support you’re above 1500 word plan.
(The plan will then be a read as a 3-5 minute audio digital recording made by myself reading the written work. The recording will demonstrate understanding and rationale of the holistic care required by Stacey and her parents.)
The situation is as follows:
Stacey a 17 year old girl is brought into A&E by the paramedics following a telephone call from her anxious parents as they noticed she has new lacerations to her wrists. Before making their own way to the hospital they also expressed to the paramedics that she has a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes and she is not managing her treatment effectively. Stacey is in the process of being transferred to adult services for diabetes management.
Assessment criteria:
Ensure that the learning outcomes as numbered above are met…..
Considering Stacey’s age and condition outline the potential sociological challenges that could affect both her physical and mental health drawing upon relevant literature to support your understanding (Learning Outcome 1)
Discuss how you would assess Stacey’s capacity to make her own choices and how would you manage these choices if she chose to continue to self-harm and not to manage her condition effectively? (Learning Outcome 2)
Explore how Stacey and her parents may be feeling, demonstrate empathy to both in your care (Learning Outcome 3)


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