Annotated Bibliography Worksheet!


Decide on a specific topic within psychology on which you want to conduct research. This is the topic on which you will chat with your research team about on discussion board assignments and ultimately write your research proposal.

Conduct a literature search on the topic using PsycINFO. As you go, you might find that you need to narrow down your topic. Feel free to do so. (For example, if your topic is simply “goal setting,” you will probably find hundreds or thousands of papers on goal setting. You need to narrow that down to something like “goal revision” or “goal conflict” to get a manageable list.)


Download the Annotated Bibliography worksheet.Preview the document

  1. Access databases at the Evans Library (Links to an external site.) and search the PsychINFO database.
  2. Submit your 15 articles as separate PDF documents.
  3. Submit the completed worksheet on your research topic and APA-formatted citations for at least 15 articles on your topic that you found while conducting your literature search. At least 10 of these articles must be empirical studies. In other words, they should examine hypotheses by collecting data and then reporting results. These articles should be ones that you plan to read and summarize. Your ultimate goal is to find articles that you can use in the literature review section of your research proposal. You will need to use at least 10 articles in your research proposal. Fifteen is the minimum for this assignment because, as you read, you will find that many are not useful for your paper. The articles that you use in your paper should lead to a testable hypothesis so that your hypothesis is supported by the research you review. Keep that in mind as you read them.

As you are reviewing the abstracts to decide which articles to include on this list, note in your annotated bibliography whether the article is empirical or a theory paper. Please make sure that you have at least 10 articles that are truly empirical studies.

Begin reading these articles. You will need to summarize the four most influential to you next week. Try not to be intimidated by any complicated statistical analyses. The author will interpret them for you and discuss the overall results in the discussion section. You need not understand the analyses to understand the general findings of the research. Pay attention to any suggestions for future research. Those may give you ideas for your proposed study

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