THIS IS A GRADUATE NURSE PRATRITIONER PROGRAM.  REPORT MUST BE OF GRADUATE LEVEL AND STANDARD WITH APPROPRIATE REFERENCE WITHIN 5 YEARS AND 7TH EDITION APA STYLE . MINIMUM OF 300 WORDS WITH AT LEAST 2 PEER REVIEW REFERENCE.Acute care geriatric patients often present with muted or vague signs and symptoms of the infection process. They are at risk for a delay in diagnosis and treatment of acute infections, sepsis, and severe sepsis.Discuss the etiology of their less than dramatic presentations, including pathophysiologic changes of aging and the “masking” of normal compensatory indicators by pharmaceuticals (e.g., beta blockers, NSAIDs, prednisone, scheduled Tylenol-containing medications).Provide an example of how you would provide family or significant others with education on the seriousness of sepsis in the elderly. Discuss how you would react to a family member’s request for an “alternative therapy.” Include discussion of how you would incorporate a Christian worldview into your practice as you approach a critically or terminally ill geriatric patient.

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