answer the question below 20

1. One of the criticisms on Electronic Health Records (EHR’s) is that they may not work well with the existing workflow. Think of data entry systems you may have used through your work that have not fit with the existing workflow. Drawing on the readings and your own experiences, what has been the most effective remedy: change the IT system to match work flow or vice versa? If you do not have direct working experience with the system interview others that have and draw from their feedback.

2.Compare and contrast security/privacy procedures for accessing the financial information to those for accessing Personal Health Information (PHI) (HIPAA).

3.One possible solution to match health care data to each individual calls for a national health care identification number. Discuss how you may personally feel about this from a privacy standpoint. Can you think of a viable solution other than a national ID? Provide perspective and tie in to class material.

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