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People of Egyptian Heritage  //  People of Filipino Heritage

The Egyptians possess a nice sense of affiliation with their country pertaining to a rich civilization. The Arabs conquered Egypt in 641 AD, hence; spread the Islamic culture and values among the Egyptians. Such a long history and populations’ diversity have had a great influence on the Egyptian heritage including the beliefs, values, culture, and more they consider are important for everyday life. When under the Turkish power, Egyptians enjoyed both cultural and religious stability because the Turks shared the same Islamic beliefs congruent with the Egyptian Islamic values.

After World War II, a lot many Filipinos (women more than men) arrived in the United States and settled on the West Coast. Educated Filipinos find it difficult to search for work in the US until and unless they pertain to the area of healthcare. The majority of them speak English; others speak Spanish. After its independence from the US in 1946, the Philippines adopted Pilipino as its national language which was later declared as the official language in 1959, and even later declared Filipino as the national language in 1986. Filipino Americans represent a diverse population owing to food preferences, dialects spoken, religious practices and other traditional differences. Factors contributing to this diversity are education levels, occupation, and inter-marriage pre- and post-migration to the United States.

Egyptian Health Beliefs

Healthcare in Egypt has central importance and is an integral part of the state policies and priorities. A broad network of state-owned hospitals exists in large towns and major cities in the country. On the rural side, each village has a health unit that is engaged in offering fundamental medical services. The public often finds it convenient and handy to get a treatment at the privately held dispensaries, clinics, and hospitals. The affluent Egyptians mainly go for alternate cures instead, such as homeopathic treatment. They normally want to have a blend of modern healthcare and traditional medical services.

A major role in villages is played by the midwife in matters relating to ceremonial activities associated with childbirth and giving medical advice to other women. Apart from this there are a variety of other health practitioners who are considered somewhat traditional. They are known as seers and spirit healers.

For instance, a ceremony to mark spirit possession named as zar is said to establish a relationship between the afflicted person and the spirits. The people carrying it out believe in it to their souls and would never think otherwise.

Filipino Health Beliefs

The culture of Filipinos is basically originated from their local tribes which later got influenced by multiple cultures. Dominant aspects of Malayan ancestry can be observed in the way Filipinos live with a slight hint of Japanese, Chinese, East Indian, Islamic and Indonesian cultures as well. In the light of diverse cultures in the country, the health beliefs of Filipinos vary majorly also.

Health studies show that rural people in the Philippines have extensive knowledge regarding traditional healing techniques, home remedies, and the like. So, the rural parts are more inclined towards traditional health solutions including self-diagnose, self-medication, and alternative therapies rather than medical health care. They apply different models to interpret illness. A holistic view of health is also seen among the people making them believe they can treat any disease by balancing the harmony between the soul, mind, and body.

On the other hand, people coming from urban areas trust Western medical practices more. As the lives of Filipinos have evolved majorly because of the everyday situations they have to face. Life on a scattered island with the risk of natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, foreign invasion floods, typhoons, and droughts teaches a lot to the inhabitants and molds their lives in a very significant manner. So, they have come to the realization that traditional ways of healing are not effective and cause great loss. They believe in the medical staff, professional studies, proper treatments, and doctors who are expertly trained.

A major factor of predilection of rural people towards traditional remedies is the absence of proper hospitals and facilities in the area. Expensive healthcare, lack of insurance, less income, and limited access to care impacts significantly to the health care choices of people (“Guide Healthcare in The Philippines: Allianz Care”, 2020).

Influence of beliefs on the delivery of evidence based health care

One’s cultural beliefs happen to control his actions and the way he thinks. Although the beliefs hold great importance at times, they prove to be depriving you of some better opportunities. The cultural practices of Egyptians and Filipinos cause great concern to many health care providers including the nursing as this fails to get a proper treatment for their illness which causes loss of lives. Many rural inhabitants who are fond of using home remedies instead of going to the hospital, prolong their suffering and eventually end up in hospitals when their illness gets extremely serious and gets out of their hands. However, by this time they have missed opportunities for optimal treatment (“Health Beliefs and Behaviors”, 2016).

For example, Egyptians believe that a spirit blocks channels in the human body if he is facing some kind of illness. Rather than consulting medical care, they use a combination of prayer and natural remedies. They fail to discover the right cause of the malfunction and keep on doing things which worsens the situation.


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