Write a research paper on SLEEP TRAINING related to childhood and culture. You will be conducting interviews with 5-8 parents of caregivers of children (ages 0-5; infants to pre-school, depending on your research question/topic) to collect your own data.  You will then analyze your data and write a 4-5 page paper which situates your research findings into the broader scientific/academic discussion on the topic. In your paper, you will present your data, cross-cultural examples, and provide a literature review of the theory and draw conclusions.


Izabella Zayshlyy

Antho 302

Interview Plan


Is sleep training something that is important to get an infant to sleep on their own and if so do you use a method. How long you let the “crying it out” method prolong till you go tend to your baby?

Interview plan:

I will interview family members that have children my aunts and cousins. As well as some friends who have had children and their experiences with sleep training. I will be conducting these interviews in the next couple weeks and over the Thanksgiving holiday when I see family. I have reached out to those who I want to talk with to let them know my topic so they can be prepared and have details that will help me with my research.

Interview Script:

1. How old was your baby when you started to sleep train or let them sleep in their own room?

2. Did your child co-sleep with or do they currently?

3. When putting your child to sleep do you rock them and put them in their bed, and they sleep right away, or do they cry?

4. If they do cry do you run and tend to them or do you let them cry it out?

5. If you let them cry, how long do you let them cry for?

6. If this is your first child will you be doing this same method again?

7. Do you put your baby to sleep drowsy and awake, or fully asleep?

8. If you did the sleeping method and your baby is older did your method work for you and if so, what was this method?

9. Do you have a set time every night for bedtime?

10. Do you teach your baby the difference between night and day?


Doucleff, Michaeleen. “Sleep Training Truths: What Science Can (And Can’t) Tell Us About Crying It Out.” NPR, NPR, 15 July 2019,

Kansagra, Sujay. “Sleep Training Your Child: Myths and Facts Every Parent Should Know.” Duke Department of Pediatrics, 1 June 2017,

Korownyk, C., & Lindblad, A. (2018). Infant sleep training: rest easy? Canadian Family Physician64(1), 41–41. Retrieved from

“Methods and Tips for Sleep Training Babies.”

The information I am planning on using from these sources are the facts on sleep training. Also, how to sleep train. I also found a journal on facts and parents presenting their real-life situations of their experiences.


When having children, you need to teach them everything about life and how to take care of themselves, to walk, eat, and most importantly sleep. We all know how to fall asleep on our own and how to comfort ourselves when we need, but is sleep training something that is important for infants? There are many methods that our ancestors used for their children that were passed on to us and many new methods that parents these days use with their children.

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