Application Development Methods

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For me im working on section 1 part. The other section for my group 2,3,4

also let me know whats the company name so I gave to my group

For weeks 1-4, you will be participating in small group discussion, making project decisions as a team but completing individual assignment. Each student will have the option of sharing components of their assignment with other team members. However, you are not required to do so and may opt to work individually. Even if you decide to share components with others, you must submit individual deliverables at the end of each unit.

In week 5 you will complete the new sections, make all suggested modification based on your instructor’s feedback and add additional input from group member’s feedback and additional discussion. You will then combine all previous weekly submissions and submit your final project deliverable.

Group Discussion

Section 1 – Overview of Company and Client Business Case this is me

As a group, hold a discussion and make a decision on a business case that will require the development and deployment of an IT Network System Application for any organization. As an idea, the Business Case could be but not limited to:

  • The development of a custom accounting application for an accounting firm
  • The development of a Customer Service Application for a store
  • Student Information System for a small university
  • Or any other similar solution requirements

As a group determine the following:

  • Create a name for your company and a profile for your company
    • What is your company’s expertise?
    • Ensure that the expertise matches the skill sets required for the business case you have chosen
  • Client Case Overview
    • What client business case did you choose and why?
    • How does your company expertise match your client’s needs?
  • Client Application Solution
    • Based on the case you have chosen, what do you believe is the application solution? Why?

Section 2 – Application Requirement Elicitation and Strategy

Before you are able to work on the development of a solution you must have a clear understanding of the customers’ needs.

As a group discuss and determine the following:

  • How will requirement elicitation be conducted by your team?
  • Who will be the main stakeholder that you will be eliciting information from?
  • What questions need to be answered and why?
  • How will you implement your elicitation strategy?

Section 3 – System Components and Design Requirements

As a group decide and discuss the following:

  • Based on the elicitation results, finalize the system components and design requirements that are needed for your business case.
  • Does the design solution support all the customer needs?
  • Provide specifics that the proposed application should address

Based on the requirements, each individual will tackle the weekly deliverables. However, students can decide to share the work from various components of their project with each other. If this is the approach the group will use, each individual’s work must be cohesive to what other members are developing considering that the individual efforts will be combined across components.

Section 4- Methodology for Application Development Process

As a group, complete the following:

  • Choose a system development methodology for your project.
  • The methodology chosen should align with achieving the overall objective of your business case.

when you done with that. I will get my group member section put together and work on my IP

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