Application of Nursing Knowledge to Deliver Culturally Competent Care

APA format”Analysis of the Culture using a Culturally Competent Model”1. ÿUse “giger and davidhizar transcultural assessment model” to evaluate the jewish population.2. ÿExplain the model.3. ÿApply this model to the jewish cultural group.4. ÿUsing this model, develop a plan of care at it relates to culturally diverse needs of this cultural group (jewish).ú ÿInclude 2-3 highest priority health care needs.ú ÿÿUse an interdisciplinary approach including community resources, governmental organizations, non-for-profit organizations, outreach centers, religious organizations and hospital provided community activities and professional associations like nursing and health care associations.Identify other Health Care Professionals that should be included in your plan (interdisciplinary)NOTE: use the background information from the attachment below for the jewish population in nursing titled “assignment culture part 1”

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