Write an essay on the following topics. Support your points with an appropriate combination of references to the reading in this article,( MLA citations in the Text, (MUST WRITE BY Original.)

The article you have to read before write the essay, and I will give you the article. Choose some sources from this article.(Least 3 IN-Text Citations in The ESSAY) click on the link you will see the a short article)

Topic: Do you agree or disagree with Angela Dawson’s statement about the ability of people to control their lives.(5 Paras)


5 sentences: Hook( the first sentences) ,back ground information, and direct thesis statement(last sentences) EXP:There are three reason why traffic jam can make people crazy such as …………..

3 Body paras: (each paras have to write 8 sentences): Each paras Must includes: 1.Topic sentences( topic + controlling ideas) 2.Support detail.

I paras Pro agreement.

II paras Pro agreement.

III paras Counter Agreement and Refutation(Provide 2)


5-6 sentences: ( Thesis statement rewritten! final statements)

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