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There is a video that needs to be watch to complete the assignment, but you need a login to watch it. Have you done this before? below is the link and the title of the film. It’s 57 minutes long. Also, below is the assignment details. Please let me know if you can help watch the video.

Film: John Portman: A Life of Building

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The Capstone Project Design

In the Capstone Project for this course students will propose a model for the next phase, completion or expansion of the San Diego Urban Quarter. JPA has provided suitable narratives for all of their projects in the city of San Diego. Students are encouraged to review the narratives to guide their development.

The concept should be innovative, ecologically dynamic, address safety and health issues, transportation and potential growth demands etc.

The students audience for this proposal are the city planners, local government officials and the public. The setting for the presentation of this document is a forum similar to a legislative board meeting.

Click on the PDF below to access how the paper should be structured. (See Attached: Signature Assignment Structure PDF)

Click on the PDFs below to download and view projects completed by the JPA.

Please see below attachments:

JPA Projects – PDF Document (200.3 KB)

BRIC Phase One Grand Opening in Downtown San Diego – PDF Document (479.8 KB)

BRIC Phase Two Downtown San Diego – PDF Document (336.0 KB)

The Hilton San Diego Bayfront – PDF Document (480.1 KB)


This project should be completed in Times New Roman, 12 point font, in APA format (6th edition) and be between 7 – 10 pages in length. The project requires a header, page numbers, a title page, an abstract and reference sheet. The title page, abstract and reference sheets are not included in the total pages in length. The project must include at least four references. The text Urban Pattern may be included as a reference along with the JPA website. Wikipedia, EHow or other type of unverified sources are not appropriate.

Please find below the grading rubric to which the Signature Assignment is graded.

Criteria Levels of Achievement Content: (94-100%)

Title Page and Abstract (5 points) A title page is present and provides clarity to the purpose of the paper. The abstract provides an effective summation of overall matters contained in the body of the paper.

Body – Introduction/ Thesis Statement (5 points) The introduction is well constructed and presents a clear explanation of the topic, and is strongly aligned with the title and body of the paper.

Body – The Project Implementation, Evaluation and Review (15 points) Steps taken to begin a project of this magnitude are clear Role of the planner included Role of the Planning Commission included Process of getting the project approved articulated Laws and regulations the planner expects to encounter articulated.

Body – Design and Theme of Project (15 points) Theme identified for the project, it is consistent with the community the project will serve The project theme is identified from the project structure The project has various amenities consistent with the themed design The impact of community based organizations and the planning.

Body – Key Urban Design Components (15 points) Transportation solutions addressed through expansion Environmental solutions addressed through expansion Housing solutions addressed through projected growth A thorough description of the projects ability to meet future demands and innovations in each area is articulated.

Body – Conclusion (5 points) The conclusion is well written and provides a summation of the paper.

Body – Composition and Critical Thinking (5 points) The paper is exceptionally coherent. Sentence and paragraph structures are of high quality.

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