Australian Nursing Care Plan

Australian Nursing Care Plan

Order Description
Assessment Item Case study
Length: 2000 words
Past History
Kenneth Patterson is a 78 year old gentleman who was admitted to hospital following a fall at his home. X-Rays have confirmed a fractured neck of femur. On admission to the Emergency Department Kenneth revealed he had experienced increasing levels of pain in his right hip recently however had not seen a GP. Surgery has now been scheduled for a Right Total Hip Replacement.
Medical History
Type II diabetes mellitus
On admission BGL 15.2
On admission 170/85
Ex-Smoker (Ceased 5 years ago)
Metformin 500mg BD
Paracetamol Osteo 665mg x 2 BD
Metroprolol 50 mg BD
Ibuprofen 400 mg TDS
Esomeprazole 20 mg OD
Background Information
Kenneth has lived alone for the past two years following the death of his wife Marie. He has three adult children who are supportive however they live with their families in the capital five hours drive away. He does not recall what led to his fall and was lucky that his neighbour dropped in and found him in the bathroom and called an ambulance.
Your Task
You are to provide a comprehensive nursing care plan for Kenneth that demonstrates the critical reasoning cycle. Your plan MUST be focused on the holistic nursing management of Kenneth and include the pre-operative care and education as well as the post-operative management.
Your paper must include:
An overview of the pathophysiology of Kenneths condition.
Prioritise the nursing interventions in the nursing care plan for Kenneth.
A rationale for each of your suggested nursing diagnoses and interventions based upon evidence and best practice principles.
Demonstrate the ability to reflect by the delivery of a holistic approach to the patient in the case study.
A summary of your findings with some discharge planning for Kenneth.
Double line spacing.
Size 12 font.
A Reference list that adheres to APA presentation guidelines and indicates that you have read widely must be included. The inclusion of only websites does not demonstrate proper research of the topic and as such will incur a loss of marks.
A nursing care template has been provided for you please ensure you use the template.
NB: Journal article used must be less than 5 years old and textbooks less than 10 years old. Use of websites must be from a reliable source Wikipedia is not acceptable




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