BA Assignment

due 6/11 – 6/12

1-2 pages APA format

must be run through Turnitin

minimum 2 scholarly articles or peer-reviewed journals with links to web

Due 6/11/20 – 6/12/20

APA format

1 – 2 pages APA format

Minimum 2 scholarly journals or peer reviewed articles with links

Must be ran through Turnitin with submission report

Topic: Should parents be able to refuse vaccines for their children?

Cons Debater

· In the debate activity, the con debater presents on the “con” side of the dilemma and presents why this is the correct or most ethical position.

· Must cover disadvantages of children not being vaccinated

· Uses the applicable ethical principles, the ANA Code of Ethics, and scholarly source to support the position. Discusses possible outcomes of position being argued.

· Argue the issue from a Con position crediting a supporting scholarly source.

· Use three (3) provisions of the ANA Code of Ethics that apply to the ethical dilemma.

· Discuss possible outcomes of each position being argued.

· Present a plan for resolving the issue

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