BPCC- Healthcare Chp activity 4 Steph

In this activity, you will learn about long term care in general, then calculate what your long care costs might be in the future.  You will also learn about long term care insurance.  Answer all questionsin complete sentencesusing correct grammar and spelling.  You will copy and paste the questions into a Word document, answer the questions, then save and upload the document to this assignment.Step 1Go toNerd Wallet (Links to an external site.)and read about long term care.1.  What are thetwomost interesting things you learned from reading the article?Step 2CompleteGenworth’s Cost of Care Survey (Links to an external site.).Complete the survey again using a city where you would like to live (other than your current city).2.  Compare the monthly cost of a private room in a nursing home in both cities.  Summarize your findings in complete sentences, including your thoughts regarding what you learned from completing the survey.Step 3Estimate the cost of a long term care policy. (Links to an external site.)You will need to scroll down a bit until you reach “Estimate the Cost of a Long-Term Care Policy”.  Fill in the blanks to receive your estimate for a policy that pays a monthly benefit of $3100 a month (the default monthly benefit).3.  What was your monthly premium estimate for the 36-month plan that pays $3100 a month?  After looking back at your results from the cost of care survey, do you think this plan will cover all of your long term care expenses?  Why or why not?  Many people will need long term care for more than two years, but as you increase your monthly benefit and/or length of plan, the cost of the plan also rises.  However, most of you are young and would receive lower premiums.4.  Do you think long term care insurance is worth it?  Why or why not?  Would you consider buying long term care insurance?

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