Please fill the attached form.And the project should be cloud computing.

1.Executive Summary. 2

1.1.Issue. 2

1.2.Anticipated Outcomes. 2

1.3.Recommendation. 3

1.4.Justification. 3

2.Business Case Analysis Team.. 4

3.Problem Definition. 4

3.1.Problem Statement 4

3.2.Organizational Impact 5

3.3.Technology Migration. 5

4.Project Overview.. 6

4.1.Project Description. 6

4.2.Goals and Objectives. 7

4.3.Project Performance. 7

4.4.Project Assumptions. 8

4.5.Project Constraints. 8

4.6.Major Project Milestones. 8

5.Strategic Alignment. 9

6.Cost Benefit Analysis. 9

7.Alternatives Analysis. 10

8.Approvals. 11

Please let me know if you have any questions.

please write a passage about cloud computing and its business need about 250 words and make the business case template on cloud computing

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