Your job as a Learning Team is to choose a company you are familiar with or a company where a team member currently works, and develop a new IT-related project which is based on implementing a new customer database.


Select your company and project, selecting an idea to which:

  • You can apply a business process management methodology.
  • You can identify the steps necessary to design, implement, and manage your project.
  • You can identify an appropriate type of database to use and how you would implement it.
  • You can identify critical success factors (What needs to happen for project success?).
  • You can identify key performance indicators (What business indicators will you measure to understand if the project is successful or not?).

Prepare a 5-minute presentation of 4 to 6 slides on the IT-related project and why you selected it using/explaining the elements above.

Cite a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed references from the University Library in addition to the other course materials you may choose to cite.

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