Please do each assignment on separate attachment.

Assignment 1

1.Please post your biography. Tell us a little about who you are (where you live, your family, education, hobbies, etc. Tell us where you work or have worked and about the jobs that you have held. Posting a picture would also be great! (This can be done as an attachment.) (I am Tiffany Bryant, served 12 years in the US Navy as an aviation support specialist, I am living in Jacksonville FL , I have two kids 1 daughter Adel 8 years old and 1 son Eden 9 months) (Feel free to elaborate/exaggerate and make an interesting bio using these facts. Must be 200 words)

2.Discuss any exposure that you have had to unions. Were you or a close family member part of a union? Did you work in management in an organization that was unionized, etc. Was it a good or a bad experience? (must be 150 words) (feel free to elaborate/exaggerate to make it interesting).

3.What is your opinion of the viability and importance of unions today? (must be 150 words) Support your answer

Assignment 2

STUDY AND REFERENCE :Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics with Connect Access – 2017 (17th edition)

McGraw-Hill Chapter 1 of Lind, Marchal, and Wathen (Lind) and focus on the following key concepts and learning objectives:

1Explain why knowledge of statistics is important

2Define statistics and provide an example of how statistics is applied.

3Differentiate between descriptive and inferential statistics.

4Classify variables as qualitative or quantitative, and discrete or continuous.

5Distinguish between nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio levels of measurement.

6List the values associated with the practice of statistics.

Reflect on your key learning points for the material covered. Answer the following points: Must be 400 words please use APA and 2 references one of the references must be the text: Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics with Connect Access – 2017 (17th edition) Lind, D., Marchal, W., Wathen, S. McGraw-Hill

•How do my personal/ professional experiences relate to this week’s readings and activities? (100 words)

•What was my greatest take-away from this week?

(100 Words)

•What did I find most/ least beneficial this week?

(100 words)

•What would I change about this week and why

(100 words)

Your reflection should include, but is not limited, these bullet points.

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