Can You Do My Experimental Write Up


students will participate in a study conducted in class. students will submit an experimental write up based on the experiment and data gathered.

paper should have:

-lerature review






-it needs a graph from the data collected

information of the experiment done:

the experiment was done by undergraduates student from the experimental psychology class at mercy college (Bronx campus). in this study of memory and learning there are 6 females N=6 included in the experiment.

data collected from the experiment is attached.APA_OPL_DATA,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ProfileID,ExperimentResultsID,ClassID,Gender,Age,DateTaken,TotalTime,HandPreference,NTP1,NTP2,NTP3,TP1,TP2,TP3 10585953,1.57E+12,245822,Female,28,10/31/19,1600.024,Not specified,17,35,26,18,18,23 10585877,1.57E+12,245822,Female,53,10/31/19,1706.731,Not specified,14,15,21,14,22,47 10585960,1.57E+12,245822,Female,20,10/31/19,1544.085,Not specified,14,15,14,14,14,17 10585982,1.57E+12,245822,Female,23,10/31/19,291.066,L,15,15,14,14,21,18 10585872,1.57E+12,245822,Female,39,10/31/19,621.6,Not specified,28,38,14,14,31,46 10585874,1.57E+12,245822,Female,52,10/31/19,2544.24,Not specified,14,17,14,15,15,39

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