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You are required to write a capstone paper for this course. A capstone paper is exactly what it sounds like. It is a paper that will encapsulate all that you have learned as a Criminal Justice major.

This paper must be a minimum of 25 pages in length: NO EXCEPTION! Papers can be longer, but if you are approaching the 30-page mark, then you need to narrow the scope of your paper. The paper must be typed, double spaced in 12-point font. A title page with your name on it must be included. An abstract and a full reference page must also be provided in your paper. This paper must adhere to APA format, including citations. An example of this format will be provided to you in class.

This is the continuation to the paper you began and just the continuation to a lot more time to finish the paper.

from the professor who graded online writing center:

Add in-text citations – the most important revisions still needed are including in-text citations in every sentence that uses information/facts from a scholarly source (i.e. article, website or book, etc). Even when paraphrasing information, it is necessary to cite the source with an in-text citation at the end of the sentence. While reading your paper it was not clear if at times you were paraphrasing information and not including in-text citations to explain where you found that information. This website explains how to format APA in-text citations:

This video explains how to properly insert APA in-text citations in your essay:

Page numbers for APA in-text citations – there are relevant and insightful direct quotes integrated throughout your body paragraphs. According to APA guidelines, when using a direct quote it is necessary to include the page number or paragraph number in the in-text citation. Most of your in-text citations did not include this information. See this website to gain further clarity about APA in-text citations:

Semicolon & Colon Grammar Rules – often in the paper a semicolon was used, when instead the correct punctuation was a colon. When introducing a list of items or concepts, it is best to use a colon. Watch these videos to understand the grammar rules for colon & semicolon usage.

Colon Grammar Rules –

Semicolon Grammar Rules –

Add a ‘Summary’ section at the end of your research paper – to conclude the research paper and tie up all loose ends, I suggest adding a summary section at the end. Most research papers include a summary section as the conclusion. In this section you can reiterate the purpose of the paper and assert any closing thoughts for the reader to remember about your research.

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