Case study

Group 3:Course Project Case Study: Mrs. Ingrassia is an 80-year-old female Caucasian resident in a long-term care facility.  After several falls, she was admitted six months ago due to not being able to adequately care for herself.  Her husband and daughter visit daily and is very involved in her care.  Mrs. Ingrassia speaks Italian as a first language but is proficient in English.  She is Roman Catholic and attends mass in the facility weekly.  She is a retired factory worker.  She has a medical history of gestational diabetes (50 years ago), hypertension, CHF, hypothyroidism, shingles, and depression.  Her husband was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and will be undergoing chemotherapy over the next few months.Orders include:NAS dietAmbulate with gait belt and 1 standby assistFall precautionsFurosemide 40 mg PO dailyPotassium Chloride 20 meq PO BID daily with mealsLevothyroxine 75 mcg PO dailyMetoprolol ER 100 mg PO dailyCelexa 20 mg PO dailyDo not resuscitateWritten Assignment Topics: The Written Group Assignment are to be completed with your assigned group for weeks/modules 5, 6 and 7. The topics for your written assignment are as follows: The written assignments are not a part your group course project.Module 05- Lung CancerModule 06- ShinglesModule 07- Gestational Diabetes

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