Character Analysis Paper

a well written essay over the character “Joker” for my abnormal psychology class

PSYC 3315 Fall 2019

Character Analysis

Below are the requirements for the character analysis paper.

Be sure to address all the guide lines provided and to use APA formatting. There is a three-page minimum for this paper (not including cover sheet or reference page) – approximately 850-1000 words. If needed, you can exceed the wordcount, but only do so if you feel it is necessary for the paper.

The paper must contain the following:

1. A narrative summarizing the problems of the character (or his/her primary complaints).

2. A history of the character’s education, family, work, and behavior problems, etc.

a. The character’s living arrangements, social contacts and state of his/her relationship with family and close friends.

b. A discussion and history of the character’s diagnostic issues using the definitions of disorders provided by your textbook. Use it as a guide to outline your paper.

3. Any available assessment results or analysis presented in the book/movie.

4. A description of your diagnostic impressions of the character using the general definitions provided in the text and class discussions.

a. What data in the movie/book supports your impressions?

b. Is there any information that contradicts your impressions?

5. Basic treatment recommendations – are there any psychological interventions that you would suggest for this character?

a. **added points if you use a research article outside of your textbook**

Grades will be assigned on the inclusion of these elements, thoroughness, accuracy, and appropriateness of “diagnosis”. Poor writing will not be viewed favorably in grading.

The goal of this assignment is not to train you to diagnose, but to allow you the opportunity to apply the information presented in this course to a fictional situation/person/case/character. It is not advised that you attempt to replicate this assignment on a real person. To do so requires extensive training, of which you do not have yet. I advise extreme caution in any attempts diagnose without training.

Due 11/20/19 @ Midnight via email at

Please name your document to look like the following:

“PSYC3315-section#-NAME” EXAMPLE: “PSYC3315-Section004-JohnDoe”

PSYC 3315 – F19

Character Analysis Guide

This document will act as a supplement to the previous handout provided on TRACS

· APA Format

· 12pt Font

· Times New Roman

· Double-spaced

· Include: running head / headers / page numbers

· Cover sheet

· Body of text

· References

· Online Resource:

Tips on Choosing a Character:

· I recommend that student’s do not choose supernatural or mythological characters, as it may complicate the assignment with regards to family history, educational background, social support and the applicability of a “diagnosis”.

· Print out initial assignment handout and use it like a checklist while watching the character in its proper medium (movie, tv show, comic, book, etc.)

· If you feel a concern about whether you have enough material for the paper, I suggest choosing another character.

Movie Suggestions: (not limited to)

· One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

· Shutter Island

· Joker*

· As Good as it Gets

· Three Faces of Eve

· Aviator

· The Band of Brothers*

· The Pacific*

· Silver Linings Playbook

· Girl, Interrupted

· Rain Man

· Good Will Hunting

· We Need to Talk About Kevin*

· It’s a Wonderful Life

· Forest Gump

· Saving Private Ryan*

· Memento*

*Intense Viewing

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