Cognitive Psychology Short Essay

there are 6 questions, write a short essay answer to every question, the word count should be around 200 words each, no more than 250. the first file is the questions, other files are the readings for those questions.

Essay Portion Study Guide

Psych 120, Spring 2019

1. What are aphantasia (and hyperphantasia), and why are they interesting to conceptualization researchers? What sort of information have we already discovered through studying aphantasia? Discuss TWO experiments we covered in class that could be re-examined in an aphantasic population, and why they would contribute to a greater understanding of cognition.

2. How do we recognize and categorize objects? Trace the processes involved with object recognition and categorization, discussing all possibilities covered for how we can do this. Lastly, provide TWO pieces of evidence in support of those various possibilities.

3. What is the dual visual system theory and what does it have to do with consciousness and cognition? Provide TWO pieces of evidence (neurological or behavioral) supporting the dual visual system theory. Next, discuss how those same TWO pieces of evidence might actually not support the dual visual system theory.

4. How do video games impact cognition? Are all video games equal in their benefits or detriments to various cognitive activities? Provide TWO pieces of evidence that video games can benefit cognition and discuss why they are beneficial. Lastly, discuss how video game “interventions” might be used to help certain populations.

5. How does learning (knowledge, language, culture) impact cognition? What is the relationship between predictive processing models, embodied cognition, and learning? Discuss TWO pieces of evidence that embodiment of concepts is most important during learning.

6. What is the replacement hypothesis and what is a dynamic system? How do dynamic systems relate to complexity science? Explain TWO cognitive processes using dynamic systems or complexity theory. Why is replacement thought of as the most “radical” form of embodied cognition and the most strongly opposed to standard cognitive science?

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