compare copernican ptolemaic and tycho brahe models

Please reply only if you have science expertise. This is only a 1 page assignment.


Assignment Title: Copernicus, Ptolemy, and Tycho Brahe
Lesson 2 – Chapter 2 from In Quest of the Universe

Compare the Copernican, Ptolemaic, and Tycho Brahe models.

Follow the instructions for the assignment and turn in your response to the instructor as directed.
Cite using MLA any online references or local sources (newspaper, online journal, reference book, etc.) you have used in your research and your response.
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Assignment Instructions:

We now know that the Earth revolves around the Sun, but ancient people followed the evidence of their eyes, believing that the Sun revolved around the Earth. How did our knowledge come about?

Draw a timeline covering the discoveries of Copernicus, Ptolemy, and Tycho Brahe to show how the understanding that the Earth revolves around the Sun came to be accepted and proved.

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