Counseling Professional Interview – Reflection Overview

  • Counseling Professional Interview – Reflection
    Conducting a professional interview or a faculty advisor interview is a great opportunity to begin to explore the profession of counseling. Individuals may take a variety of paths to become competent in their fields. As they attain education, apply the knowledge, and gain experience in the field, they begin to form their professional identities. The interview you conducted gave you the opportunity to explore a professional’s background, credentials, and experiences, and helped you to understand the importance of connecting within the profession.
    The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on what you learned from the interview. Besides summarizing what you heard, think about how your understanding has increased. Consider how the person you interviewed arrived at where he or she is today. Think about the connection you would like to have to the field of counseling, and consider what that means in terms of the professional identity that you would like to achieve.



Submit a 1–2 page reflection paper summarizing your meeting with a professional counselor (certificate and AC learners) or your faculty advisor (MFCT, MHC, and SC learners). Review the scoring guide given in the resources to make sure you understand how this assignment will be graded.

  • Scoring Guide:

Provide a summary of the key ideas discussed in an interview with a counseling professional.40%

Reflect on the personal implications of key ideas discussed in an interview with a counseling professional.40%

Communicate in a professional manner.20%

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