Couple's Interview 2

Couple’s Interview: Each student will conduct two comprehensive Couple’s Interview with one couple (not within your own family system). Specific guidelines are listed in the Course Materials section of Blackboard. You can consider the task to be Part A: Conflict Pattern Mapping.  Part B: Hope and Grace Intervention.  Semi-Structured Couple Interview  1. What are the names (first name only), ages, and birth order of all family members? 2. What are the occupations and education levels of all family members (where appropriate)? 3. Give a short marital history. . .dating, engagement, marriage? 4. Describe the marriages of your parents?  In what ways is yours similar and how have you made it different? 5. What have you tried to bring from each of your family of origins and apply it to this marriage? 6. What outside presses have influenced and shape your marriage—work, church, health issues, family demands, etc. ? 7. What are the components of successful marriage? 8. Why, in your views, to people fail? 9. Were there surprises associated with the adjustment to marriage, what did you not expect? 10. How have children (if you have them) changed your marriage, or how will they change your marriage should you seek them? • Who makes decisions within the family and how are they made? Describe a time when disagreement existed over a decision and how it was resolved? 11. Is there a pattern to your conflicts?  12. If possible, identify the steps to their pain-defense cycle.   o Course Resources: o  China Pastors Manuscript-draft 10.10.2016 (2).docx (1.028 MB)  o  Rovers couple genogram.pdf (195.356 KB)  o  McGoldrick’s Genogram descriptions.pdf (45.854 KB)  o  Duba et al Basic Needs Genogram.pdf (468.621 KB)  o  Wiggins Frame The Spiritual Genogram.docx (37.11 KB)  o  De-identified Genogram.pdf (256.846 KB)  o  Tomson Genograms in General practice.pdf (829.671 KB)

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