critically appraise and summarize the evidence that supports your PICO question

Purpose: To critically appraise and summarize the evidence that supports your PICO questionResources: Use the research textbook:Polit, D. F., & Beck, C. T. (2018). Essentials of nursing research appraising evidence for nursing practice.  Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer.Assignment: Search for, identify, and retrieve the best evidence that supports the issue PICO question and  below.Topic: Proning Therapy for COVID-19 PatientsClinical question: Has the use of proning therapy reduced mortality and intubation rates in COVID-19 positive patients?P- Covid- 19 Positive patientsI- Proning therapyC- Prone vs not proneO- Reduced intubation & mortality of COVID-19 patients1. Based on the selected article that pertains to the above topic – Submit one table and article using the correct table format(Individual, Systematic Review, OR Clinical Practice Guideline) the tables are attached please select 1 table that is appropriate for the article.2. When searching the literature, look for the highest level of evidence to answer your question. Studies should bewithin the last 5 yearsand completed in the United States.3.Complete the table using your own words. *******Use bullet points and phrasesnot complete sentences. No direct quotes will be accepted.4. Refer to the level of evidence resources to define the level of evidence for your article5. Use size 8-10 font and complete all parts of the table. Be sure touse full APA reference citationfor your article on the top of the page6. **************Tables should all be on one page only*************7.Submit all articles with the assignment.A scanned or hard copy needs to be turned it. Youneed to highlight in the article where the information was found for your tables.8. Clinical practice guidelines will only be accepted from the ECRI Guideline Trust. Systematic reviews should be from Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

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