Task # 1

College of Business and Information Technology (CBIT) is one of the leading
higher education institutions in the Middle East region. CBIT is established
in the year 2005 and has a current student strength of over 6000 students
with an annual increase of at least 10%. CBIT also has an alumni strength
of over 15000. CBIT employs 250 full-time and 50 part-time personnel.
CBIT offers various undergraduate courses in Business and Information
Technology programs.

As a Database Administrator (DBA) working for CBIT, discuss the following:

a) Discuss the various factors you would consider to choose an
appropriate database management system (DBMS) for CBIT.
Suggest an appropriate DBMS software for CBIT by comparing at
least two DBMS software’s.

b) For the chosen DBMS in task-1a, discuss the key steps involved in
installing and configuring the DBMS. Your solution must also
include the DBMS related requirements e.g. Oracle 10g/11g, SQL
Server etc.

Note: Solution for this task must be written in your own words with
relevant examples wherever necessary and to be written in
at least of five pages.

Task # 2

a) The web link to the following research paper is given as attchement below:
Sharma, N., Garg, P., Security Policies in Modern Database System,
International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), 2011.
Discuss the key security features available in the data management
Note: The solution must be written in your own words with relevant
examples at least 3 pages. The given research paper is for
your reference only and your answer should not be limited to this
research paper only. You may refer various other resources and
provided references for the same.

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