DB Replies Assignment

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Replies: Reply to at least 2 of your classmates’ presentations and provide a peer review. Each reply must contain the following:

· Step 1: Share your evaluation of your peer’s research proposal presentation (remember to be respectful and constructive).

· Step 2: Include which of the following “award nominations” you would select for that individual (also include a rationale):

. Most likely to become a statistician

. Most likely to become a scientist-practitioner

. Favorite research proposal

. APA format, cited, and referenced with minimum 250 words. Replies must be meaningful and must continue the line of thought associated with the course content and the thread.

Kathleen Post: The following annotated bibliography contains five peer-reviewed articles that study and discuss Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder (DSED), a stand-alone attachment disorder that was a sub-category of Reactive Attachment Disorder prior to the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manuals of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). DSED is a result of childhood maltreatment and insufficient caregiving, often found in post-institutionalized and foster children. DSED presents as indiscriminate friendliness and effects how a child interacts with others. Children with DSED have trouble understanding social boundaries and are at risk for leaving with complete strangers. Researchers indicate that DSED is one of the least understood childhood diagnoses, and few studies have been done to understand DSED and whether it should be categorized as a disorder of social relatedness or whether it should remain categorized as an attachment disorder. These resources contain information about previous studies of DSED and indicate gaps in the research that need to be explored in future studies. This bibliography describes each article, the nature of the study, qualifications of the author, and highlights gaps in the study of DSED and need for further research.

Keywords: DSED, childhood, further research, post-institutionalized, childhood maltreatment, attachment disorder, indiscriminate friendliness

Please review attached file named Kathleen to reply

Tracy Z Post:

This annotated bibliography presents five research resources for a research proposal on the topic of “to what degree does Divine Forgiveness contribute to the mitigation of the symptoms of depression?”.  These research article sources address specific components of the topic in defining forgiveness, the types of forgiveness, assessments to measure forgiveness, the correlation between forgiveness and depression. The sources include a varying population of older adults, younger adults in higher SES, rural resident in lower SES, older adults with an identified religious background. The sources consists of research that assesses the correlation between variables such as psychological well-being, negative feelings, depressive symptoms, relationship with God, to forgiveness and The sources also make comparisons with self-forgiveness and inter-personal forgiveness to divine forgiveness. The bibliography consists of a description and summary of article, author’s introduction and credentials, an evaluation and critique.

Please review attached file named Tracy to reply

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