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The first step that the nurse should take is to reassure Susie that just because she is becoming her mother’s caregiver it should not stop her from living her life and also taking care of her other family members.The nurse should also provide the family with available community resources and education about taking care of the elderly like home health  nursing care, and the availability of nursing homes or assisted living care facilities.They should also be furnished with information about dealing with different issues as they arise like illnesses, nutrition issues by giving them contact information of available doctors and nutritionists.

  Family structural theory- this theory provides a method by which a nurse is able to identify how family members interact and how  they assume their assigned roles when faced  with changes like illness or crisis.(Minuchin,&Fishman, 2004)This theory will help assess how Susie is handling the new tasks in her life.It will also focus on how the family is using their strengths to be able to cope with the dynamic changes in their life.

  Family developmental theory-This theory focuses on how roles are easily demarcated from the perspective of task and progression through different life cycles and most are based on nuclear family structures.In this scenario,there is significant family role changes especially with Susie who is now responsible for her mother though in the role progression the mother is meant to take care of her children.Despite the fact that Susie is taking care of the mother , she has to respect her wishes all the time.

  In order to promote health,the family needs to get the proper education on how to deal with both the psychological and pyhsiological changes in their family.Its the nurses role to educate the family on how to assist Mrs.Jones on taking care of her activities of daily living, ensure she gets proper medical care and also provide her with  proper nutrition.The family might need to change their daily routine, diet to accomodate Mrs.Jones and the nurse needs to educate them on ways to help them cope with the different changes .

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