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I terms of a natural disaster, and using the Haitian earthquake, I would say that the first major consideration would be infection.  The smallest wound, even as scratch, can become life threatening when it is invaded with a damaging microorganism.  A natural disaster places individuals at an increased risk of acquiring some kind of injury which creates a portal of entry which we have learned is part of the chain of infection. Additionally, the fact that the disaster took place in a country which could be defined as third world increases the risk for development of an adverse health situation. There are several interventions which a nurse could initiate to help contend with the problem of infection. 

  • At the Primary level a nurse is concerned with the prevention of infection and this can be done through education.  Setting up healthcare workers, informations sessions, flyers, and even posters to help increase a patient population.  In terms of the Haitian earthquake, first responders can teach/demonstrate how to clean injuries and/or simple breaks in the skin so that infection can be prevented.  The education can also include the signs and symptoms of what an infection in an injury could look like.  This education and teaching leads directly into the next area of treatment.
  • At the Secondary level a nurse is concerned with the treatment of infections which have already started.  Proper assessment, cleaning, and possible administration of antibiotic would be critical at this stage.  With respect to the Haitian Earthquake, having nurses go out amongst the injured and assess any skin tears/wounds could help catch those individuals who are already experiencing an early infection.  Catching the infection early could prevent long term consequences. 
  • At the Tertiary level a nurse is concerned with taking care of those patients who are suffering from the long term effects of an infection.  Complications from untreated illnesses include scaring, amputations, and chronic pain.  Those individuals who acquired an infection during the destruction of Haiti, which subsequently went untreated, could suffer from some of the long term effects previously mentioned.  Using chronic pain as an example, nurses would be concerned with helping patients manage their medication, remain free from over use, and also discover non-pharmacological methods to help alleviate their chronic pain.

I would say that all of the nursing interventions would fall under the primary phase of the disaster.  By that I mean just after the disaster occurs.  Immediate education of what to monitor related to all of the skin tears and wounds which occurred during the earthquake, then assessment of those wounds/injuries which became infected due to the fact that infection can set in quickly in highly unsanitary conditions.  The last nursing intervention, more education and illness management, is something that will be taking place immediately after the disaster and for a significant time afterwards. 

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