Discuss the ethics policy or clinical guideline.

Read the four articles found under this module and write a one page reflection
Brain Dead pregnant woman to be laid to rest after being disconnected
from life support. –
In your (4) reflection papers, answer/address the following:
1. Discuss the ethical dilemmas in the case.
2. Discuss the ethics policy or clinical guideline.
3. Discuss the issues, legal and ethical in the case or guideline.
4. Discuss how you would have handled this dilemma ethically and/or legally.Qualitative question: How do eating disorder patients with bulimia nervosa perceive cognitive behavioral therapy during their inpatient stay? Moving forward with this research question I would need patients who are in an inpatient setting, ones with bulimia nervosa, and I would perform interviews with those patients. The questions I would ask would include open ended questions allowing the patients to answer anyway they felt and me not persuading them to answer a certain way causing bias in the study.“The sample for a rigorous qualitative study is not as large as the sample for a rigorous quantitative study. The researcher stops collecting data when enough rich, meaningful data have been obtained to achieve the study aims” (Grove, Burns, & Gray, 2013). “A substantial sample may be required to generate power sufficient to demonstrate significance” (Grove, Burns, & Gray, 2013) for a quantitative study. “Small scale quantitative studies may be less reliable because of the low quantity of data” (Mcleod, 2018)

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