Discussion 1 Why do people participate in unhealthy behaviors, and why is it so difficult to quit?

What strategies seem to be useful in facilitating healthy change? Please use specific examples in your response. Feel free to use the resources included in this module or others that you may find when formulating your response, but remember to cite your sources!

Discussion 2



Choose a specific health behavior that you would like to set as a goal for yourself or for someone else, and develop a strategy or program for change.

First, briefly describe the specific health behavior you are addressing and why you are addressing this behavior (e.g., your own attitudes, societal norms, medical information, fear of future illness).

Next, briefly describe the behavior-change approaches and supports that you think would be appropriate to maximize the chances of success (e.g., cognitive-behavioral elements, operant conditioning or reward systems, self-monitoring, social support, etc.).

How should stumbling blocks be addressed? Assuming success, how would you prevent relapse? THE RUBRIC IS UPLOADED BELOW

Discussion 3

In a short paper, please discuss the various personal, environmental, and social factors that influence whether or not a person will use health services. You may base your response on information provided within our assigned readings, your own perspectives, and other resources (e.g., journal articles, web sites, etc.)

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