Discussion Question 1 Lider

Discussion Question 1

Post a detailed description of your experience of working with a nurse leader. Include the following aspects in your description.

· Of the leadership theories discussed this week, which one did this nurse leader subscribe to? Why?

· How has your experience been with the nurse leader? Provide a description of your interactions with him or her?

Discussion Question 2

Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, choose a professional nursing organization and review the organization’s website. Based on your understanding of the organization, answer the following questions:

· What was the organization’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

· Do you think the response was adequate? Why or why not?

As you develop your initial post in answering the discussion question be sure to completely answer all aspects of the question and sub-questions. When preparing your initial post incorporate what you have learned from the weekly lecture and assigned readings first and then add outside websites and/or journals to supplement your response. Citations should be included throughout the paragraphs to support your comments and references should be listed at the end. Reply posts should be substantive meaning your comments are supported with citations and references from your readings and/or other resources to demonstrate your understanding of the content. Be sure to check grammar and spelling before posting. Do not cut and paste from websites. Use APA resources when doing citations and references using the rules for punctuation, capitalization, and italics.

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