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Comment 1

Navigating through unique cultures as well as religious needs of patients is an unnerving process. Some actions or wording stated can offend the patient or their family by not knowing their needs or beliefs. When it comes to the patient Sue Li, most practitioners would automatically start with the assumption that she is from Asia (Purnell, 2012). The first question she will be asked is if she is a citizen of the country? If her response were “no” then her nationality would be requested, however, if it were yes the questioning will proceed (Galanti, 2014). The next question will be if she is fluent in English? If not if she would like any translator? If she is not being escorted by one. This will be followed her explanation of her condition in full detail. It is important not to judge the patient due to their difference in culture. The medical procedure that will be given will be explained in full detail to the patient and asked if she will be comfortable with the process. If not the nurse must respect her decision.

Abuse screen is a tool that nurses can use to evaluate if patient is victim of abuse the screening question will be performed to assess how recent how serious family abuse was.

In the case of abuse, she will be encouraged to express her problems. Asians are not encouraged to speak family matters to outsiders; the nurse will have to use various techniques to ensure the patient feels accommodated (Paniagua, 2013). By giving personal experience can be one method as it reduces the amount of shame and guilt. If abuse is confirmed by interview, she will fill the abuse assessment screen and the proper authorities contacted to deal with the matter (Paniagua, 2013). The patient, on the other hand, will be separated from the abuser and taken for further treatment and assessment. Nurse may offer different resources and therapy group for Li and provide a safety plan to prevent further harm.

Comment 2

For a proper healthcare delivery in any setup, cultural competency of a nurse is an important factor (Jarvis, 2016). The nurse should clearly understand the cultural beliefs and the type of family setting that the patient was raised in for him to provide the best care to Ms. Li.  Most Asian American families have strong cultural beliefs and this can substantially influence the decision-making process by the patient. Other Asian American families have washed away their strong beliefs and hence their approach to healthcare might be more Americanized or westernized. This background information is important for a nurse since it helps in a proper interview to make an assessment.

Asian communities are family oriented and like coexisting peacefully as a group as opposed to emphasizing individuality. This coexistence is a protection against the hardships of life and a major source of identity (Jarvis, 2016). Inner strength and stamina and respect to the family are important values for the Asian children. These important values are enforced by their parents, who expect the child to strictly follow the rules and only speak when it is necessary. Given this background, therefore, Asians maybe not willing to acknowledge strong pain, emotion, and grief because of their cultural values and family.

Asian cultures can be described as high context cultures in which communication through non-verbal cues is very common and important (McCulloch, 2014). Hence, the pitch, intonation, eye contact, word stress, “gesture, body language, and silence are as vital as the spoken words in a conversation. By being sensitive to the other person’s mood and being polite in conversation, Asian families expect to be understood mutually and their non-verbal communication. With this knowledge, the nurse should consider these facts when interviewing Ms. Li.

Abuse Assessment Screen is a short domestic violence screening tool nurses can use in their healthcare settings. The tool is formatted such that no one feels singled out. Follow up question are asked if any of the questions are answered with a yes. These follow-up questions will be designed to assess how serious and how recent the family abuse was. Essentially, nurses have mandated reporters in their clinical setup.

If abuse is detected during the interview, the nurse should report it and document a detailed description of the nature of abuse as recounted by the patient. However, the nurse should take particular care to give the full the details of the abuser (McCulloch, 2014).  Ms. Li needs to have therapy services, support, and protection to help her recover and to keep her away from such an abusive environment. The nurse can offer different resources and information concerning who Ms. Li can talk to assist her with the issue. Furthermore, if nurses are uncertain about requirements for their local reporting, they may also talk to their local domestic violence coalitions for further clarification.

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