Do Civilians And Rescue Workers Experience The Same Kind Of Secondary/Vicarious Trauma?

1) A 1-2 paragraph description of the question of interest.

2) A 1-2 paragraph summary of the method and results of each of the studies you read (there might be more than three total if one or more of your articles reported multiple studies).  Be succinct and do not plagiarize!  Use your own words to describe what was done and what was found.

3) A 2-4 page integrative summary of the results presented in the three articles, in which you provide as clear an answer as possible to your original question.  Note that in some cases, there might not be a clear answer.  For example, if one study found that Asian Americans had higher rates of PTSD than European Americans, a second study found that European Americans had higher rates of PTSD than Asian Americans, and a third study found no ethnic differences in the prevalence rates of PTSD, there is no clear answer to the question “Are Asian Americans and

European Americans equally likely to experience PTSD after a trauma?”  In a case like this, your integrative summary should focus on a discussion of why the three studies might have had such different findings.  Perhaps one or two studies had serious methodological problems.  In that case, you might want to rely more heavily on the findings of the other study.  Or perhaps all studies were methodologically strong, but there were key differences that might explain the different findings.  Be sure to have a strong bottom line at the end of your paper, even if it is merely to say “We don’t know the answer to this question yet.”

4)Use “New York firefighter recalls 9/11” video as reference

5)The paper should follow APA format (if you need assistance with APA format, consult with your TA).  Please include a cover page, a separate page with an abstract, and a reference page; these don’t count towards the 5-6 page total.  Page numbers are required.  Proofread and spell-check your paper before turning it in.

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