Do you believe it is important for those who practice the health sciences to improve their patient-centered communication skills?

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first of all ,  you should read the article then answers the question in below ,

1/ Do you believe it is important for those who practice the health sciences to improve their patient-centered communication skills? Why?( use at least 230 words)


secondly,  there are  two  participate for different  two students to you below . You should to reply for them if you agree or no . Each one write at least 90  words.

Do you think communication skills can be acquired only from training or it could be obtained from the environment and overtime-experience dealing with patients? or both?

I do not think that communication skill is acquired only through training. The universe is full of knowledge, so that we can learn from the society, as you mentioned from our environment. Every layperson communicates, but targeted communication is quite different. Trained communicator is better than the layperson. This is the truth. That is why training is for some kind of profession.

Medical and Pharmacy students are learning how to identify a disease, and  what medicine is the best cure for patient A or patient B, this is done in a class being a student. When addressing a patient right approach to the patient and kind and professional introduction is required. Training makes the communication professional and smoother. Subject bound communication is expected from some one dealing with specific profession, or expertise. Every patient, like every healthy person has different experience on top of her/his pain, therefore layperson communication may not help. Adequate knowledge of the specific medical discipline in collaboration with educated communication will help get to right diagnosis. At the end of the day practice gives perfection in profession and great communication skills.

Your reply……..

From your point of view what are the advantages and disadvantages of the blended learning method ?

In my own experience, blended learning is difficult. I use computers for work and entertainment, but as I am older, I am not used to learning online. When I went to college as an undergraduate, we did not have cell phones or computers, so I am used to absorbing information through live lectures, and printed text books. So for me, there are a few obstacles in that I cannot put notes in the margins of a youtube video. I can’t use a highlighter pen and mark up a pdf online or interact with the pages in the tactile way that I am used to. Somehow my ability to absorb information seems linked with the printed word. So I feel at a disadvantage here. However, I can see how the blended learning method saved valuable classroom time for actual practice of the methods being taught. From this point of view, I can see that it could be extremely valuable, particularly with a discipline that requires a lot of real life practice in order to master. So I would like to grow out of some of my old habits in order to make the most use of the tools that are available today. In this way, I found the article opened me up to ideas that I have resisted.

your reply…….

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