EDCE 611 Quiz 2 Liberty University Answers (2018)

EDCE 611 Quiz 2 Liberty University Answers

1. Counselors should consider cultural context when conceptualizing a family in the individual counseling process. This might include acculturation status, ethnic composition of the state, language preference, education, parenting style, and religion.

2. When a counselor self-discloses that he/she once had an experience similar to that being described by a young client,

3. Counselors should assume that the reason many children and adolescents like to play with toys, draw, or play or manipulate something with their hands during counseling sessions is that

4. Counselors should keep in mind that documentation is potentially public information.

5. Which of the following is not true regarding “process” comments and questions?

6. If teachers pressure a school counselor to “fix” a child’s behavior problem, an appropriate counseling approach would be to

7. Active listening is less important when building rapport and defining the problem than when exploring situations in depth.

8. Resistance is less common in young clients than in adults regarding investing in the counseling process.

9. Structured exercises should be avoided when working with young clients, since they diminish the therapeutic effect of counseling.

10. “Why” questions are especially recommended when counseling young clients, because their behavior can be difficult for adults to understand.

11. Counselors must avoid gender stereotypes when working with youth because these can contribute to misdiagnosis and treatment of young boys and girls.

12. School counselors are not in an ideal position to teach and encourage self-advocacy skills.

13. What intervention was not recommended for working with diverse youth?

14. The American School Counseling Association adopted a position statement regarding multicultural competent counseling.

15. Cuento therapy uses culturally relevant folktales to convey messages about values, beliefs, and healthy behavior.

16. Rejecting the dominant culture and retaining the culture-of-origin exclusively describes

17. The chapter suggests doing the following when setting up your office.

18. Which is not one of the domains of the Multicultural Counseling Competencies?

19. Asian youth may present with problems related to career and education concerns more often than social or emotional concerns.

20. A child exhibiting ____________________________ is characterized by the recognition that many of their behaviors are important components of their heritages and practices.



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