Reply to this discussion use referencesBe sure that the responses to theÿ Post of peers include 2 peer reviewed references with content that demonstrates critical analysis and synthesis of references used.Potential Benefits of Using Big Data as Part of a Clinical SystemHealth care systems use an abundance of resources to collect big data. Big data can be collected from electronic medical records (EMR), imaging, public records, pharmaceutical research, patient portals, wearable devices, and more (Shanthagiri, 2014). Several app developers are deploying beneficial apps to assist patient to manage their care, locate providers and improve their health (Raghupathi & Raghupathi, 2014). Not only can these apps provide analytical information to the patient profiles they can assist patients in making preventative care or lifestyle changes, find support prevention initiatives, identifying/detecting diseases in early stages, and provide more patient specific goals (Raghupathi & Raghupathi, 2014). Big data that can be extracted from patients? wearable devices and personal apps can assist clinicians to track their lifestyles and compare them on a larger scale across populations with or without similar lifestyles and geographical locations.Potential Risks/Challenges of Using Big Data as Part ofÿa Clinical SystemThere are several challenges when it comes to big data extracting. The one that correlates with the patient app that is linked with their wearable device is the risk of data security and most importantly who owns the data (Shanthagiri, 2014). Is it the patient, the generators of the app, the clinicians, the information technology department that is extracting the data? Though raw data information needs to be extracted to create new knowledge, and ultimately wisdom (Laureate Education, 2018) it cannot always be done due to legal reasons. Determining who owns the data is crucial and should be included in the acknowledgments and allow a release of patient?s data when accepting and downloading the app when checking the ?I Agree to? check boxes. If information, such as the data, may not be extracted if it is not included or else there could be legal complications if the patient did not consent to release their information. Therefore, a lawsuit could occur. Lastly, being able to deal with and understand big data can be challenging and difficult (Thew, 2016), so creating an app that is user friendly and easy to exact usable data will be important.Strategy to Mitigate the Challenges/Risks of Using Big DataWith challenges there are always strategies to attempt to mitigate the challenges and risks when using big data. As I previously stated there are risks with security when apps and personal data is imported into systems. A way to assist with security holes or breeches is to be cautious and be cognizant in the beginning stages of designing the programs, because if you do not start with big data security from the start, you will get bite when you least expect it (Bekker, 2018). Additionally, when creating an app or a recourse for patients to utilize that will track patient data be sure to include an acknowledgment that states that data will be extracted and utilized to track their health and obtain large scale data from their records. This will decrease the chances of lawsuits and additionally inform patients that this data is not just theirs but the apps owners and whomever they may sell or share their data with.

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