2. Read the cases In re Shepard, 2010 Wash. LEXIS 723 (Wash. 2010) and Chandler v. Office of the Insurance Commissioner, 173 P.3d 275 (Wash. App,. 2007).
  3. Locate and read your state’s rules of professional conduct. My State is Alabama
  4. Use these case as a starting point to discuss the following:
  5. What is it about living trusts and reverse mortgages and about the way they are sold that make them an attractive “scam” on senior citizens?
  6. Identify the ethical rules that the lawyer likely violated in each case, and why you think the rules were violated? Make sure to provide the proper citation for the rules.
  7. Do you think that taking away the insurance agent’s license is adequate? What more could be done to protect the victims of these scams?

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