• Journals must be a minimum of 750 words minimum

Journal Prompt:

Summarize readings and videos attached to this assignment

In addition to the summary/analysis of our reading, I want us to also continue thinking about what it means to critical think.

As such, read the following poem, and consider the short questions:

“Cherish your doubts, for doubt is the handmaiden of truth.
Doubt is the key to the door of knowledge; it is the servant of discovery.
A belief which may not be questioned binds us to error,
for there is incompleteness and imperfection in every belief.
Doubt is the touchstone of truth; it is an acid which eats away the false.
Let no man fear for the truth, that doubt may consume it;
for doubt is a testing of belief.
The truth stands boldly and unafraid; it is not shaken by the testing;
For truth, if it be truth, arises from each testing stronger, more secure.
He that would silence doubt is filled with fear;
the house of his spirit is built on shifting sands.
But he that fears no doubt, and knows its use, is founded on a rock.
He shall walk in the light of growing knowledge;
the work of his hands shall endure.
Therefore let us not fear doubt, but let us rejoice in its help:
It is to the wise as a staff to the blind; doubt is the handmaiden of truth.”
― Robert T. Weston

What are your initial thoughts when you read this piece?
Do you agree with Robert T. Weston? Why, or why not? What do you agree with, what do you disagree with?
How does this piece fit with Dr. Richard Paul’s definition of Critical Thinking? (“Thinking about thinking while you’re thinking, in order to make your thinking better?”)

How do you think this piece will fit in with the kinds of thinking we will be doing in this class? The kinds of thinking we might be doing in our “real” lives?


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