EXCEL EXPERT NEEDED for DCF and EVA valuations + a DAROE model



This assignment requires solid knowledge of DCF and EVA spreadsheets (valuations), as well as the ability to create a DAROE model from the data.


Company: Heinz


Assignments (2 spreadsheets):


DCF and EVA spreadsheet: Complete the spreasheet by providing the inputs in the highlighted areas.  In addition to that, calculate the value of the firm per share (value / shares outstanding) and then complete a DAROE model. Add the DAROE model as a third tab. This assigment also ties into forecasting as you have to put in growth rates (look at the growth from last year and use that rate going forward).


Buffett spreadsheet: Go to tab 4 (Buffett Valuation) and replace Nike’s data with the data for Heinz. Make sure to enter the data in the correct order. Year 1 is last year, year 8 is eight years ago.


Thanks in advance for your consideration of this assignment!



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