FAS-202 Milestone 1: Introduction to Final Paper, social science homework help

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My final project for Humanities will be a comparative art essay on two works of art. For the first milestone I will need a introduction paragraph written for the essay. You must be able to follow the rubrics but will be allowed to pick the two pieces that the overall project will be written on.


The purpose of this final project is to evaluate your knowledge of the skills necessary for performing a visual and contextual analysis of two works and to measure your application of these techniques as you relate the works to real-world relevance/popular culture/ideas/concepts.

Select two works from this list. The first work will be from one of the following categories: baroque, rococo, neoclassicism, or romanticism. The second will be modern (e.g., realism, impressionism, postimpressionism), postmodern, or contemporary (1970–present). You will identify a common/shared theme (e.g., social or cultural issue) in both works. For example, in Judith Leyster’s Self Portrait (Dutch baroque, 1630) and Frida Kahlo’s The Two Fridas (surrealism, 1939), a shared theme is the presentation of self.

After identifying the common theme in both works, you will develop an essay that explores how each work is a product of its particular historical moment. Finally, you will address the relevance of this shared theme in contemporary culture by choosing a third work that exemplifies this theme. This third work could be a specific contemporary work belonging to any genre of the arts or even a contemporary social construct such as reality television or social media. For example, you could consider the presentation of self as a relevant and recurring theme on Facebook today.

I have attached the rubric for the introduction paragraph as well as the list of art. Please view the information in the attachments before moving forward.

*** Please be sure to use MLA format and to cite any resources. ***

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