Fill out all sections of the form with the information requested

 You  are expected to use professional, academic writing skills and proper APA  citations and references. State information in your own words. If you  find it necessary to use material verbatim from another source, it must  be quoted with an appropriate citation.

  • CU_Horiz_RGB Unit 4 ‒ Research Topic and Methodology Description

    CU_Horiz_RGB Unit 4 ‒ Research Topic and Methodology Description

    Research Topic and Methodology Form

    Complete this form based on your chosen and instructor-approved research study for the course project. Type your responses directly beneath the questions. Provide APA-style references and citations as needed.

    Write the APA-formatted reference for your study.

    Paste the persistent link for your study here.

    Identify and describe the main topic of the research study. Note: This is the overall, general topic the researchers were investigating. It is not the same thing as the purpose of the study.

    Identify the research problem the researchers investigated in the study. In one-to-two paragraphs, describe a few of the most closely related research findings the researchers cited from the field literature to support their research problem. Use appropriate citations for the secondary sources.

    List the research question or questions the researchers used. Make sure these are formed as questions and that they are answerable using research methods. In one-to-two paragraphs, explain how answering these research questions would help solve the research problem you identified in Question 4 above.

    Identify the methodology—including whether it is qualitative or quantitative—and the approach the researchers used to answer their research question or questions. Remember that:

    · Qualitative approaches include case study, phenomenology, grounded theory, ethnography, and generic qualitative inquiry.

    · Quantitative approaches are experimental, quasi-experimental, and non-experimental.

    Describe the findings the researchers cited in their literature review that are most closely related to their chosen research problem.

    Explain how the answers to the research question or questions would help the researchers solve their research problem.

    In one paragraph, explain how the study’s methodology and approach allowed the researchers to answer the research question or questions you listed in Question 5 above.



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